Q. Do you have catalogue raisonnés?

I need to use a catalogue raisonné for my project, how do I find one?

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How to locate a catalogue raisonné:

  1. Search the Catalogue Raisonné Database at http://www.ifar.org/cat_rais.php
  2. Search for the Title of the catalogue raisonné you found/seek in WorldCat.org to see what local libraries own it. (hint: NYU Bobst and NYPL Art & Architecture have huge collections of Catalogue Raisonnés)
  3. Local libraries with great catalogue raisonné collections are:
    1. NYU Bobst Library*
    2. NYPL Arts & Architecture*
    3. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    4. Frick Art Reference Library
    5. MoMA Library
    6. Brooklyn Museum of Art Library. 
  4. To quickly see if a library holds a catalogue raisonné for a particular artist:
  • do a subject search on the last name of the artist in the library's online catalogue
  • in the search results look for the subdivision "catalogues raisonnes"

* Bobst Library and NYPL actively collect catalogue raisonnés and they both have very large and robust  collections.

We suggest taking a look at the NYPL Research Guide: What is a Catalogue Raisonné?

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