Q. How do I find if Sotheby's Institute of Art has a journal?

How do I find out if SIA subscribes to a specific journal or magazine?

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To find out if SIA subscribes to a particular journal, Please go to the Library homepage at nylibrary.sia.edu  and click Find Journals under the Summon search box.  Enter the title of the journal in which you are interested.  

If SIA subscribes to the journal in electronic format, you will see a link to a database or several links to databases that contain the full text of that journal.  You will also see dates of coverage for each database.  Click on the database link that contains issues from the date or time period you are interested in.  Once in the database, you can search for specific information/article.

If SIA subscribes to the journal in print format, you will see the notation, "Sotheby's Institute of Art New York print holdings" and the dates of coverage.  The most recent 3 issues of most journals and magazines are kept library for consultation.  For back issues please send a request to have them fetched from storage nylibrary@sia.edu

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