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Troubleshooting e-resources


If you cannot log in to anything (single sign-on, Canvas, your SIA email account if you have one), contact the IT department, for instance by emailing

If you can log in to other things but have problems with one or more database, online journal, e-book or other online library resource, please contact the library, for instance by emailing


Below we list some things to try in particular instances. You are welcome to contact the library for help at any stage. 


A resource is not letting me log in, or not recognising me as a member of Sotheby's Institute

Check that you have reached the resource from the library website, a library guide, Canvas, or another link provided by the Institute.  If you go to a database like JSTOR directly from Google, you will not be recognised as a member of the Institute.  This does not apply to resources which are freely available on the web.

Occasionally, security and privacy settings on your computer or phone may cause problems.  You can try switching to a different device, switching to a different browser (e.g. Chrome vs Safari), or clearing your history and cookies.


I can't find a database

Here is a page giving access to the key databases.

Here is a guide listing some extra databases and other resources, not available via Summon.

Even more databases will be listed in the various library guides for different topics and courses.


I think we should have a resource, but I can't find it in Summon

Here are links to extra databases and other resources available, but not via Summon


I have found a resource in Summon, but the link takes me to the wrong place or to an error message

The guide to dealing with broken links will help. if this happens in library opening hours, it will often be easiest to contact the library for help straight away.


Summon is only giving me access to the abstract (summary) of an article or other resource

See the guide to citation-only results. Again, during library opening hours, it will often be easiest to contact the library for help straight away.


I need general help with Summon

Watch a video introduction to Summon (6 mins) or see our collection of guides to Summon


I can't find a journal article

Info about finding articles in Summon is here. 

You can also visit the journals guide and use the search box you will see there to find the journal. This will tell you whether the library has the journal online, on paper, or both.  If it's online, you can follow a link and search within the journal.


I am having problems searching within a database or online journal

Each database or journal has a slightly different interface, and behaves in a slightly different way.  But there will usually be both a help screen somewhere, and an advanced screen somewhere. Both should be relatively easy to find.


I am completely confused!

Please contact the library, for instance by emailing, and we will be very happy to help.



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