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Troubleshooting e-resources


Common problems and their solutions

I can't log in to a resource


If you wish to use an online resource, you need to access it one of two ways:


1. Via our search engine, Summon - this is the white bar on the top of the homepage



Simply type the name of the article, journal or topic you wish to look at into this bar, and it will come up with a page of results.


To find out more about how to find material in Summon, watch this video:

 2. Via our databases or journals webpages, to access individual providers or journal titles

Once you have found the resource you want and clicked on the link, you will be taken to the Institute's single-sign on screen.




If you don't remember your password, click the Don't Remember Your Password link. This will allow you to reset your password.


If your log in isn't working, make sure that you are firstly eligible for access (e-resources are not available to alumni or executive education students).


Secondly, make sure you are fully registered, enrolled and have paid your tuition fees.


NB. If you try to access e-resources via the open web (i.e by Googling them, going to the website address) you will not be logged in as an SIA student and this log in box will not appear. You need to access e-resources through the Summon searchbar or the journals or databases webpage (as above).


If none of these options work, please contact the library team via email, telephone on 020 7462 3230, or drop in. If you can send us a screenshot, this is always helpful.


It's taking me to a blank page


There are several reasons why a link may take you to a blank page - the most likely being that the direct link is broken. There are several ways you can find a resource despite this. 


On the Summon helpbar on the right hand side, there is a link you can click labelled Browse Journal. If you are faced with a blank page, click this link, and you will be able to go through our collection of issues for your chosen journal until you find the issue you need:



Alternatively, if you are searching for entries in a database, you can click on the link which reads 'Can't access an article from (your chosen database)?' This will take you to the database which holds your chosen resource so that you can search for it there:



In either case, please report this issue to the library team, by clicking the link marked Report a problem to the SIA librarians. We will try to fix the problem as fast as we can, and help you find your resource an alternative way in the meantime:



I can't see the full text of the article I want, only an abstract


Sometimes, when you run a search in Summon, it will bring up results marked Citation Online:



If you click on these links, they will not take you to the article, but will take you to an abstract (this lists information about the publication, the date, the author, and so on). These citation results are included in Summon to help you to gather information to find resources in other libraries.


If you want to block out citation only resources, the best thing to do is to filter your results to only show Full Text resources (i.e only material you can access in full):



To find out how to find an article from a citation, see the guide to citation-only results.


If you have trouble finding a resource that you know we subscribe to in the library, please let us know by emailing, telephoning us on 020 7462 3230, or dropping in in person. If you email us, sending a screenshot of the problem is always helpful.


The link is taking me to a database, but not the article


If you click on a link and it takes you to a database search page instead of directly to the article, this may mean that the article is not linked up to Summon properly.

If this happens, please click the Report a problem to the SIA librarians link in the sidebar, and we will be able to look into fixing it.

In the meantime, you can search the database yourself for the article, by going to our databases webpage, and selecting the database in which your article is held.



Once you have accessed the database in which your article is held, simply search for the article in the database search engine:



This should take you to the resource:



If you are unable to find a resource within a database, please contact the library via, telephone us on 020 7462 3230, or drop in in person.


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